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Environmental Policy

These are some of the ways we hope to make a difference:


  • Thermostatic radiator valves on all radiators.
  • Hot water thermostat set at 60°C.
  • Showers in all rooms.
  • Supporting local economy by sourcing all produce from within The National Park or within 20 miles.
  • A number of low energy bulbs have been fitted. Others have been identified with a short-term programme to replace.
  • All accessible hot water and heating pipes insulated.
  • Locally sourced supply of sustainable wood used on log fires.
  • Water from the stream in the garden is used to water plants.
  • Programme to use 'A' rated electrical appliances for replacements.
  • Toilet 'Hippos' fitted to reduce water consumption.


  • Free range eggs collected from our own hens so no packaging.
  • Please use refillable toiletries etc.
  • Use of recycled paper products for toilet paper/tissues etc.


  • Council doorstep recycling of bottles, cans and paper.
  • Garden and kitchen waste is composted.
  • Shoes go to a local collection site.
  • Old magazines and Christmas/Birthday cards to local schools for project use.
  • Plastic bottles are taken to a recycle site at Hawkshead.


  • Use of local council waste disposal depot for all suitable products.
  • You may like to help in the following ways.
  • Please do not leave any unnecessary lights on when you go out.
  • At night please close the curtains before you go out.

Please do not leave the TV in stand-by mode.

  • You can adjust the radiator valves in the bedroom and bathroom to suit your own comfort. (Too high a setting and having the windows open at the same time will only contribute to wasting energy.)
  • Ensuring that in winter months the front door is kept closed to retain heat.
  • Support local helps to keep them viable for all of us.
  • Please place papers and bottles at the side of your room's waste bin as it helps with our recycling efforts.

Thank you.