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An avian theme to our latest blog … the good … the bad and the ugly !

An avian theme to our latest blog … the good … the bad and the ugly !

An avian theme to our latest blog … the good … the bad and the ugly !

Firstly the good …One recent Sunday morning , one of our resident ducks paraded her newly fledged ducklings across the lawn past the dining room windows , much to the delight of our guests enjoying their freshly made breakfast . A photographic opportunity not to be missed as Mother duck lead her offspring perilously close to the fastest flowing section of the brook that flows through Low Graythwaite Hall . We are pleased to report all were present and correct when they returned to the safety of the pond nearby whereupon a Woodpecker tapped his approval on our new bird table proudly standing amidst our newly mown lawns .

On to the bad … An unwanted guest , a mink , decided to visit the hen house . Unfortunately the mink was there long enough to reduce our loved hen population by 25% putting our ready supply of fresh eggs for your breakfasts in jeopardy .

We are delighted to welcome 4 new arrivals to replace the ones despatched to the hen house in the sky by the evil mink . Despite a not too warm reception from the surviving hens they all now appear to be getting on well and egg production is nearly back to normal levels despite David’s inability to carry out his feeding duties which leads me on to …The ugly

I am of course referring to my other half David who has recently had a 55,000 mile service … not on his car but himself … specifically his hip .  His normal duties which involve , getting in my way , odd jobs which don’t really need doing and feeding the aforementioned hens have all taken a back step now he has returned from a brief stint in hospital where his new hip was successfully fitted . If you see a somewhat grumpy gentleman hopping around the premises looking like Long John Silver , don’t worry … its David … keeping up with the avian theme … I may even buy him a parrot !

We look forward to welcoming you over the Summer months when , hopefully , temperatures will rise and you can enjoy the delights of this area of the Lake District . We have some group bookings to welcome and some wedding guests to entertain , walkers have numerous routes to explore and of course we always welcome bird lovers .

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